Electric Bicycles for Commercial Use

Lease, Hire, Sales and Scheduled Maintenance for Small Businesses, Corporates and Governments
auckland councils fleet of 8 electric bicycles

Auckland Council’s fleet of electric bicycles

We would be delighted to help you investigate how electric bicycles, scooter and push bikes can benefit your organisation. Commercial use of e-bike is one of our areas of expertise. We are very excited about the huge win-wins waiting for smart organisations! There are so many opportunities to increase productivity, improve staff morale and company image all while saving time and money. 
We have supplied electric bicycles for staff business travel to councils all over NZ including Auckland Council, to the NZTA and to Datacom in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, including ongoing maintenance on site. In our electric bicycle company in Australia (Glow Worm Bicycles), we have  supplied to several local government councils, letterbox deliverers, food delivery companies, security companies, restaurants and more. We always arrange ongoing scheduled servicing with every fleet, even if it’s just 1 electric bicycle. For central Auckland clients this can be done at your location. For other areas, pick up and delivery may need to be organised, which will influence the optimal frequency of servicing. 
Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more. We will be happy to give advice on the possible benefits for your organisation and arrange a demonstration. From there, trials, leasing and sales are all possible. Please read on about some of the many ways that electric bicycles can be used in the commercial realm!

NZTA and Auckland Council both use eZee Kinetic Sprint 7L electric bicycles to augment their staff vehicle fleet. Staff members book these vehicles for business travel such as to meetings, site inspections, events and more. They save time in arriving there congestion-free and without needing to find parking. There are huge savings in car costs including petrol, parking, maintenance, capital costs and storage. Best of all, the employees enjoy riding the electric bicycles and it provides a great image for these organisations with a large public profile. We regularly visit these fleets to keep them safe and presentable.

NZTA eZee Kinetic Sprint

One of the three NZTA electric bicycles in Auckland

  • Security Companies can use e-bikes to improve guard response time and enhance positive engagement with the public in a friendly way
  • Restaurants can perform their food deliveries on electric bicycles to reduce costs and increase the range of people they can employ (drivers license not necessary)
  • Any organisation with even a modest number of staff can benefit from a shared e-bike for staff travel
  • Meter readers, council rangers, building inspectors and others with ‘door to door’ rounds can get around faster with an e-bike
  • Organisations can offer electric bikes to staff as part of a salary package. Similarly, talk to us about staff benefits when purchasing an electric bicycle from us.

All organisations benefit if their staff use active travel such as bicycles to come to work. People who ride bikes to work are healthier, more punctual, have better concentration during the day and are sick fewer days of the year. Another huge benefit is avoiding the massive problems and costs associated with providing staff parking at work. In the Auckland CBD, the average car spot costs $5000/year and has traditionally been subsidised by the company. This is a huge sum, given that most electric bicycles cost much less than that to purchase outright! However, more organisations are waking up to the inequality of this situation, as not all staff make use of these car parks. This, in addition to rising costs of parking and a trend towards consolidating offices into new areas such as the Wynyard Quarter has made an impact on work car parking policies. Added to this, street parking for commuters is becoming more scarce due to increased population and the roll-out of residential parking zones in Auckland. Smart organisations are looking for alternatives to the car for their staff to arrive at work, and we can help in many ways. Some people drive to work in case they need their car during the day. By providing electric bicycles for staff travel at work, employees become free to choose public transport for their commute. We also have Brompton folding bicycles that your staff could use in conjunction with public transport or their car to avoid parking in the CBD. Many Aucklanders simply have not yet discovered what a great option taking an electric bicycle to work really is. We can help identify which of your staff, based on location, have the easiest and safest commutes to work by bike. We can bring electric bicycles to your workplace to show people what they are like (having a staff pool of e-bikes has this extra benefit as well). Depending on the size of your organisation we can also set up a staff benefits program where they can access discounted electric bicycle packages from our store. Alternatively you may wish to purchase them from us and provide them to your staff as a salary sacrifice package in lieu of a car parking space.