Yepp Child Seats

NZ's Biggest Range of Child and Baby Seats
yepp seats in auckland

Auckland’s best range of child seats is here. We have everything you need for carrying kids of all ages on bikes. That could be on your cargo bicycles, your ordinary bicycle, on their own bikes, balance bikes or scooters, we’ve got it all.

We have purchased the entire stock of Dutch Yepp Childseats in New Zealand and have every colour of Yepp Maxi Easyfit, Yepp Maxi Seatpost and Yepp mini front seats on display and in stock in boxes. If you are a bike shop interested in re-selling the Yepp seats, please contact us about wholesale options. Some seats are fitted to bikes in the showroom ready for you to try. It is absolutely no problem to bring your bubs along to go for a ride together on the seats to see how they suit you.  Then we can advise you on which would fit best onto your bicycle.

Worried that your kids are about to grow out of the Yepp child seat of your dreams? Worry no more, because they absolutely will grow out of any seat, that’s what kids do! Every ride with them on a child seat (especially front seats!) is precious and all you can do is enjoy it while you can. However, to make the investment more attractive, we are offering buy-backs on the Yepp seats. If you have no use for it within 6 months of purchase, we will buy it back for 50% of what you paid for it. Within 12 months that becomes 30%. In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on these seats, so if you’re not loving it and happy that you bought it, just come give it back, no problem.

Also check out our Tipp childseats, available in both front seat (Tipp mini) and rear seat (Tipp maxi) from an amazing $99!

The New Zealand designed Do-Little front seat is a great option for kids up to 7 years old (fits non-stepthrough bicycles only) and is priced at $169.

And you’ll even find accessories and options for carrying more than 1 child on bicycles thanks to our collection of cargo bicycles including eZee Kinetic Expedir, Yuba Mundo V4, Yuba Spicy Curry and Christiania (Danish ‘box bike’). We carry the Yuba Ring, the Yuba Soft Spot, Monkey Bars and more in store, plus many accessories suitable for the eZee Expedir.

For the self-propelled kids we have Microscooters, BYK Balance bikes, BYK kids bikes and more!