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Stolen! Gazelle Cabby with eZee kit. Maurice’s personal bike in Auckland

Unfortunately our beloved electric cargo bike was stolen from below our shop on July 1.

It is a very distinctive bike. There would only be a handful of Gazelle Cabbys in the country and this is possibly the only one converted to electric with the eZee kit. It also has been modified to take front and rear disc brakes. And to make it even easier to spot, Gazelle Cabbys have the frame serial number integrated below the seat, so big that you can see it from a few metres away. Not only that, if the thief cuts off that part of the frame to hide the serial number, they will lose the structural integrity of the frame and it will be obvious that it’s stolen!

If you get any information, please call on 0274330057. If you are actually looking at the bike in the flesh, please do some/all of the following depending on the circumstance:

1 – Call me on 0274330057

2 – Call 111 and quote police report number 180717/6592

3 – Lock it up with a bike lock so that it won’t go anywhere in a hurry while the police show up!

4 – Inform the “new owner” that you know the bike is stolen and that they should return it 🙂

Photos below

The Gazelle Cabby carries both our little kiddies. Not shown in the photo is the plastic rain cover which was on the bike when it was stolen
our family’s beloved waka
The serial number is stamped below the seat, it’s C06169. In this photo the integrated chainguard is still on the bike. This was not on the bike at the time of theft
Our cabby was modified to have disc brakes on both front fork and rear dropout (rear pictured)



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Suntrip 2018 13,500km Electric Bicycle Race!

The 2018 Suntrip is on!

eZee CEO Wai Won Ching will be competing on the new eZee Longabike complete with solar setup.

The great adventure EPIC ride from Lyon Frane to Guangzhou China is now open for registration with the following link

for more information on the Sun Trip 2018 please see:

Last year the winner of the trip was using the eZee electric system and won by 2 days or 500km!