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The best quality kids bicycles in NZ
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BYK is an Australian brand that aimed to redesign the kids bicycle from the ground up. The result – a better bicycle for kids! Easier to learn, easier to ride, lighter weight, great options including internal hub gears, a generous range of sizing and designs that kids will love. You can read more about the design, philosophy and product range of BYK bikes on the BYK website.

From the perspective of a bicycle shop, it is refreshing to have a kids bicycle that is easily serviceable, thanks to the use of high quality parts. Kids bikes need no longer be a ‘throw away’ item that is bought cheaply, used briefly and then left ot landfill. BYK kids bikes can be used for years by the next kids in the family and then on to the next family. In fact, we offer guaranteed ‘buyback’ on all BYKs we sell for when your kids grow out of them. 50% of what you pay can be used towards a bigger bike within 12 months of purchase or 30% within 3 years.

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We stock most of the standard BYK range in our Auckland store. These are all built up and ready to go on our showroom floor at 29 East Street. You can try the balance bike, the BYK E-250, the E-350, the E-450 and the E-540 in store and take them home on the same day! However, we don’t stock every colour of every model, so if you’d like one that isn’t already in the shop, we would have to order it in for you, which would then be ready to go in about 3 nights. Due to space constraints, we don’t yet stock the Mountain or Road or Cross bikes. This is a handy link to see all the stockists of BYK in Auckland or around New Zealand. For example, type in Auckland City and 25km and it’ll show the half dozen or so shops that you can choose from.

As well as BYK kids bicycles, we stock the complete range of Microscooters (for adults and kids), a wide range of Nutcase Helmets and Auckland’s undisputed best collection of child seats for bicycles.

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